MINIMAL LIST Reusable bamboo facial pads – 14pcs in a cotton pouch


Minimal List’s makeup remover pads made from bamboo and cotton blend, is the sustainable alternative to single use pads. Ideal for cleansing, demakeup, for removing face mask etc. Small changes in everyday habits can lead to big positive environmental impacts. Will you go natural in your face care?

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  • 14 pads included
  • Composition: 70% bamboo & 30% cotton
  • Mesh cotton pouch for storage, travel and machine washing
  • Finger pocket for easy holding
  • 2 + 2layers of fabric
  • Super soft texture
  • Ideal for demakeup and face cleansing
  • For wet and dry use
  • Dimensions: 8x8cm
  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Washable & reusable
  • 100% plastic free packaging

Made responsibly in China.


70% natural bamboo & 30% GOTS certified organic cotton.


  • Wash at low temperature inside the laundry bag provided and leave to air dry naturally.
  • To dry you can put them on a dry towel or hang them by using their tags.


Compost the cloth of the pads in household compost bin after you remove the thread which is recyclable.