About us


About us

Minimal List is the daily product list of modern consumer, that contains few but capable of contributing to the effort to protect the planet. Our team’s vision is to inspire for a sustainable, quality life.

Here you will find organic cotton products with GOTS certification, eco- friendly food containers, water tanks etc., everyday items made of bamboo and those unique ecological products that you search for in different websites. All these are carefully collected in one and a really “green” e-shop!

Every product in Minimal List is carefully selected and tested first by us. We understand that the change of mentality is not easy in real life and this transition to a more «green» daily life requires time and the propriet way. The easier we make it, the more faithfull we will remain to our new, eco habits. So…

  • We make sure that the products we choose, have a low enviromental impact and are the best alternative to plastic.
  • We make research to combine ecology with beauty, since we want our items to make prettier our daily life.
  • We maintain the balance between quality and price.
  • We regularly update our list of vegan and cruelty- free products.
  • We find products of small production units, with almost zero carbon dioxide emissions.
  • We represent the best European and worldwide companies, with a long- term presence in quality ecological items.
  • We use minimal plastic- free packaging for our products.

Add less, Green more

Add less, as minimalism defines. We learn to live with what we really need and nothing more. Consumption and use of as few products as possible and their reuse helps to reduce the ecological footprint.

Green more, because sustainability and increased living standards will naturally arise through personal environmental awareness and small changes for a greener everyday life.

Who is who

We are an inspired and responsible team, which deeply believes in optimism and courtesy as far as environment is concerned. That’s our message, show your respect to every form of life.

Minimal List was created during a trip in Australia, which lasted about two months. There we noticed the intense environmental sensitivity of citizens and immediately felt the need to create a concept-store for an eco-friendly shopping list.

Like a pinecone’ s journey

We chose pinecone for our logo and not by chance… Pinecone symbolizes natural wealth and fertility. It is a piece of pine, a tree that has been associated with longevity and deep breaths of life.

In ancient times, pinecones were a powerful symbol due to their high nutritional value (and yet, pinecones were consumed as fruits).

This is how we imagine the journey of our own products. The items of Minimal List were born from nature, grew up in it and hide great love for the environment where they live, offer rich “fruits” to humans and stand out for their long life.

Which “little pinecone” will you put on your eco list today?